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Hello everyone, been a bit occupied (and caught a cold, allergy season makes people so vulnerable).  But here’s the latest update.

Plot Twist Generator

Is in the works!  Has data in place!  Has some ideas, is really boring right now!

The big issue is just stocking more data and structure, and polishing it – and like the Writing Prompt Generator, it’ll just take time.  So far some are good, like . . .

“The antagonist thinks everything is happening is inside a story – and this is due to a substance abuse problem.”

Others are sort of WTF?

“The alternate antagonist turns out to be the protagonist’s father.”

Others are blunt.

“There is a sudden tornado.”

But it’s there, and as I flesh it out, we’ll have more to work with.  I figure it’ll be on the level of the Writing Prompt Generator, maybe even a bit better as I have less language structure limits.

Way With Worlds

This is going OK, but . . . I gotta say some of those columns could be better.  When I rewrote Way With Worlds, I eventually intended it to be a book, but as I was rewriting columns from 15 years ago I also added a lot, did different voices, small series, etc.  Now I’ve got to get it back into a book, and . . . yeah.  This is all over the map, and in a few cases I could have done better.

What I’m finding is that the quality was – frankly – erratic.  Sometimes its precise (I’m proud of some of my columns on Magic and Technology), other times it kind of meanders, and a few times I somehow avoided the point (like my discussions on Race and culutre, more to come).  I think at times it was turning a braindump of 15 years ago into another braindump – and other times it was polishing and precision.

So editing is a lot more work than I expected.  Things get cut down, rearranged, rephrased, and in one case I actually am having to reverse a previous conclusion.


However the core information is good even in places that need to portray it better – if anything some of the problems are me massively dumping out ideas and doing it in my coachy/chatty/live talk style as opposed to a better written style.  So I’ve got to tweak it – and make sure the book has one voice.

It’ll be worth it, but we’re definitely not seeing this sucker until 2016.  I’m going to give my pre-readers two months at it.


– Steven Savage

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