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Hello everyone, here’s the latest.

Plot Twist Generator

It’s starting to shape up, and right now what I’m finding is it actually works best if I keep it simple.  You don’t really want things to get too complicated – you want impactful ideas.  It may be easier than I thought, though the challenge now is diversity not complexity.

Here’s some examples:

  • There is a predicted snowstorm – but it’s not what was expected.
  • The world is revealed to be in another time instead of the one we were led to believe.
  • A character suddenly reveals a sentimental side.
  • The protagonist turns out to be the antagonist’s father.
  • It turns out that everything that is happening actually takes place inside a computer – this is revealed by the antagonist.
  • A mysterious string of numbers turns out to refer to the antagonist’s childhood toy.
  • A character suddenly reveals a malicious side.
  • The secondary antagonist turns out to be the protagonist’s grandfather.
  • There is a sudden snowstorm.
  • The antagonist suddenly reveals a romantic side.

What I’m doing now is reading famous plot twists and randomizing them.  As I go on those inspire some variants and ideas.  So forward!

Way With Worlds Book

The WWW Book editing continues – and I’m really busy re-editing the part on species and race (which will spawn one or two new sections), and the part on sex (which needs a little more coherence).

One thing I’m debating is splitting the book in two – there’s really two sections, the worldbuilding and the being a worldbuilder.  As for now I’m keeping it as one, but I may want some feedback – that means a poll (we haven’t had one of those in awhile).

Still projecting next spring, depending how fast my editors and pre-readers get to it.

New Columnist

Well, old Columnist.  Scott from over at MuseHack is going to be doing his Lost In Translation column here as well.  I’ll be uploading the old ones – and we’ll see his new stuff soon.  It should be a great addition.

– Steven Savage

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