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Here’s some samples from the latest generator. It generates colors, inspired by the Neathbow from Sunless Sea/Fallen London –

I loved the idea of creating new colors, so here we go! It’s probably about 25%-33% done at this time – there’s a nice amount of detail, but far more coming.

So tell me what you think!

  • Moten – The mellow orange of joy.
  • Lebode – The purple of the evening sky in your memories.
  • Elde – The blue of shallow water that you fear seeing.
  • Cesque – An iridescent green. Under light of this color plants grow.
  • Khuppen – The one true green.
  • Bitohoem – A deep greenish-yellow. Those that see this color have glimpses of the future.
  • Cerate – The yellow of sunlight falling on the incurious. Under light of this color plants grow.

– Steve

  • Madame Blue

    This will be a fun generator to play with; it has the potential for some very mystic results. Years ago, I had a dream in which the seasons affected one’s color vision. I’d love to see if I can combine that with the moods and properties associated with the color names here.

    • That’s the goal. I want something deep and archetypical and vaguely disturbing.

      By the way if you haven’t tried Fallen London/Sunless sea, check it out O_O

  • Duanne Walton

    These are so cool!

    • Thanks. I’ve already improved it since this was posted!

  • Mitchell Dorsey

    Sounds like a great twist to writing elements

    • I’ve noticed “mystery” colors are actually an unappreciated part of literature. The Fallen London universe goes far with it, but we have the Hoovaloo in Hitchiker’s guide, Octarine in Discworld, and so on.

  • Tracer

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait. Bound to be some keepers, too! Look out Merriam-Webster, Oxford, et. al..

  • Christopher Salamone

    This is a great idea, can’t wait to use it!! Any ideas for a release window?

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