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OK, so where am I with Way With Worlds?  Here, let’s break it into bullet points to make it easier.

  • I am/will be putting in the prereader feedback soon.  That’s a bit behind, but that’s the way it goes.  I hope to do this by EOM.
  • Then the book ships to my editor, which is easy because that’s called “asking my roommate to do it.”  My roommate is a professional tech writer and document manager, so it’s going to be some serious quality work.
  • I hope for the editing to take two months with a month for followup.  It may go quicker.
  • The cover artist has been engaged and I’ve seen a draft for Book 1 already.  I like this enough it may be poster-worthy.
  • I want to drop book #1 in June and Book #2 in August.  That’s the plan, barring any interruptions
  • There will be followup work.

At this rate I don’t know what else to say except to occasionally post updates.  It’s really in editing and making great covers – and yes, I’ll start a book section here as mentioned for Sanctum-related works.

– Steve

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