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Hello one and all – and here’s the latest updates!

First, I’ve revamped some of Informotron, my press site, and want to invite you to get my LinkedIn Guide and newsletter!  You get my checklist for using Linked In, updates on my various projects, and of course some extras now and then.  It’s also been great for me – I already got another pre-reader for Way With Worlds!

Next up, is the Plot Twist Generator which is  . . . creaking it’s way forward.  The feedback provided has been invaluable, but this is also a lot harder than I expected.  The challenge is that plot twists often run into tropes, and some are so common they stand out even when you try to vary them.  It’s also hard to find good documentation on plot twists.  So this one is gonna be challenging, and I’ve already got some fun generator ideas queued up as this one is a pain . . .

Way With Worlds the book is in another editing phase, a sort-of-second read through.  When I finish that I’ll do one more read through and get it to pre-readers.  That should be about October.

Speaking of october – and on speaking, I’m going to be presenting at PMI Silicon Valley 2015 Symposium on the role of creativity in the Project/Program Management.  You better believe the Sanctum is going to get mentioned.

That’s it for me.  How are you doing?

– Steven Savage

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