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So I had a dream about a comic adaption of a series of horror fantasy short stories. The art was almost Sepia-toned. I recall a picture of a shrine in a city, and the city and shrine looked to be mostly metal, almost as if the city was made of pipes and plates, though they came together elegantly.

The story was a mix of Lovecraftian and Celtic type legends, and may have been in a pace called Icyth. The first story started the entire cycle, and was about the arising of the Mathulesium, a one-man mausoleum from the depths of the sea. Another story was about a servant race who followed the same religion as their masters changing and possibly rebelling. Ultimately the story ended in the meltdown of the civilization and anarchy reigning.

So, folks, you have your story seed, go for it 😉

– Steven Savage

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