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The Color Generator is coming along nicely. Check these out!

  • Rentehiem – The oldest blue. Under light of this color gold tarnishes.
  • Osochawn – The yellow of gold. Those that see this color go insane.
  • Enklu – The yellow of gold that you will one day see.
  • Stast – The orange of a sunrise. Those that see this color become sane.
  • Pigurmote – A bold greenish-blue. The color of old dreams.
  • Tefrou – The orange of a sunrise. Paintings using this color stop envy.
  • Ichre – The orange of imaginary fires.
  • Ouwath – The purple of disgust and of the evening sky that can never be imagined.
  • Detingat – A fiery yellow. The color of clothing once worn by witches, but that changed because of a prophecy.
  • Saffican – The orange of unknown sunrises.

– Steve

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