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Hey everyone, had a busy time with the book launch and so on, so here’s the latest.  I’ve had a crazy few weeks so it’s not much of an update:

  • Way With Worlds Book 2 is now coming out in January.  There’s two reasons: 1) Editing the last book was brutal and with the holidays I wanted more time, and 2) Deploying the book during the holidays is going to mean it’ll get lost among all the activities of the time.
  • I plan to write more books on creativity, since after a few decades of writing, making generators, coaching people, playing RPGs, and more I’ve got a lot to share.  In time of self-publishing, I figure more advice for creatives can’t hurt!
  • The Pizza Generator is in progress.  No delivery date in mind yet, mostly due to the recent craziness, but I think it’ll be worth it.  Pizzas have an interesting philosophy behind them, and when you look them over, you can see patterns.  For instance, there’s all sorts of ways to combine meats and toppings, but going outside the “normal” spices usually involves only one or two.

I hope to have more in the next week or two.

– Steve

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