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Evening everyone, so let’s get to an update!

First of all if you want to hear me talk old ahead-of-their-time DOS games, tune in to this DOS Nostalgic Podcast.

Now let’s get onto the status update!

Seventh Sanctum:

Still not doing any new generators – I think it’s going to be another month or so before I get back to one.  That’s because I’m busy with . . .

Way With Worlds:

Book one is pretty much ready, though I’ve got one more print copy to test.  If all’s well then we’re good to go!  I’ve also got some guest blogging going on during July when we build up to launch!

Book two will come back to me end of month, though not sure when I’ll do the first edit.  I’d like to get to it right away, but . .

Sailor Moon Book:

This gets formatted this weekend – and if all goes well I’ll have a hard copy before the end of the month.

My only concern is the cover.  The cover is actually wraparound, so there’s issues of centering the different sides of the cover, titles, etc.  I’m going to give it my best, but I may nee to reformat the whole thing, which usually means going through 2 copies to get it right.  Fortunately we have 3 months to get that right – but I always find this cover formatting to never be as smooth as hoped.

Other Books:

My skill portability book is about ready to go, and should drop to ebook in the next few weeks depending on my schedule.

I’ll also be working on some Way With Worlds stuff beyond the books as noted.

However, though I have other things I want to try . . . yeah I seem booked into 2017.

So pretty much no new projects except the above for the rest of the year.  Well, as much as I’m able to stick to that . . .

– Steve

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