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Hey all, so where are all those projects . . . well still busy. New job has my busy, but here’s where we are.

Sailor Moon Book

Sent to my co-author, who in turn just edited it and sent it back. I plan to take one more crack at it next week or so then I can actually format it. If all goes well, we’ll be looking over a print beta sometime in early/mid July.

The editing went really well. Frankly, there wasn’t that much left to do considering how many times we’ve been over it. I’m starting to think extended editng periods of sometime and/or swapping among people has real benefits. It makes me wonder if editing is best done by long editing cycles – or many smaller ones.

We’re looking good for September people!

Way With Worlds Book #1

I’m editing the second print copy. Still a bit annoyed I’m finding issues or things I want to change (mostly a bit of formatting and such), but that’s the way it goes. I’m going to give it two read overs to be sure, then try to make the last run count.

The strangest things?  I find more errors at the start of the book, even when I reread it.  It’s like somehow I have to get into an “editing zone” to do my best work.  Go figure.

As much as I enjoyed doing this I kinda confess I’ll be glad to get it finished. I think there’s only so long you can read your own advice, and I’m there.

Way With Worlds Book #2

Comes back from the editor end of Month. I’ll probably make the first editing run in July just because it’ll be fresh, but I might save it to August as I will be busy with Book #1 and the Sailor Moon Book. It sort of depends how well those go.

Skill Portability Book

This fun little experiment is probably out end of June. It’s pretty easy to do and needs only about one more big editing run – basically its my columns on skill portability expanded and improved.  Going to be a neat little experiment.

The Blog

Holding off starting a new series for now as I’ve got so much on my plate. I will continue to blog on No Man’s Sky however, and Civic Diary.

New Generators

I’m afraid with everything else on my plate there will be no new generator in June. Now as for July, let us see . .

And that’s it for me! How are you doing?

– Steve

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