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OK got plenty of updates, so what’s been up?  I figure I’ll just put in everything here

Way With Worlds:

  • The sample print copy of Book One worked pretty well – though there were some edits. I’ve got a second copy on the way now and if that works out . . . it’ll be good. So dropping in July looks quite likely!
  • I did note the draft copies that I get are kinda lower quality than final prints.  That has made cover formatting a tad harder.
  • I’m hoping to do some blog promotions on the book – and to share my insights!
  • Book Two is going to definitely be moved to November. The Sailor Moon book drops in September and the followup could be pretty busy. On top of that my editor is swamped so I’m giving her some breathing room.
  • Yes, the followup plans are still in place. Stay tuned – though you may not see them until December 2016 or January 2017.

Skills Transfer Book:

  • I’ve got a little minibook based on my previous column on skill portability. I’m rewriting and expanding the ideas to release a useful 99 cent guide.  I mention it here as it may be relevant to Sanctumites.


  • Yep the theme is still food for 2016, though right now I’m juggling at least 3 generator possibilities. Stay tuned.

Whew, that’s a lot.  How are you doing?

– Steve

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