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Hello one and all, and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving where appropriate.  Lots happened (and you saw I vanished a bit).

Twitter – OK I’ve debated what to do with the Twitter.  I do want to post random stuff to it – but that seems to work at Tumblr.  But what I AM doing is, beyond posts and such, promoting a generator a day.  There’s over 170 so you can discover generators you didn’t know about . . . or that I forgot.  I may also add feeds from other cool twitters and sites.

Next Generator – I finished the breakdown of the Reality Show Generator.  This was an attempt to do actually do a full analysis before writing a complex generator – and apply what I learned not to do during the Plot Twist generator.  The analysis was incredibly useful and I will begin working on the generator next.  The issue?  It was boring, though it worked really well.  Maybe I just need to perfect my techniques.

Way With Worlds – The book(s) are back from one of my pre-readers, and pre-reading ends tomorrow.  Time for me to do an editing sweep, line up my editor, and line up my cover artist, as well as put it in front of my writing group.    Still aiming to publish both in the summer as well – but not at the same time.  It’ll be one then the other a month or two later, as well as some followup.

Well that’s it.  How’s everything on your end gang?

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