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A bit of silly fun for the Holidays – and because the Reality Show Generator provided to be deeper than I expected, we have the Class Masher! ¬†Remember all those “X” characters as “Y” RPG class memes (especially Disney Princesses and The Avengers?). ¬†This¬†generator does it for you!

So you can get:

  • Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones)-Demon Hunter (World Of Warcraft)
  • Big Macintosh (My Little Pony)-Beast (Etrian Odyssey)
  • Billy Quizboy (Venture Brothers)-Paladin (Diablo)
  • Gomez Adams-Sinner (Disgaea)
  • Kermit The Frog (Muppets)-Blue Mage (Final Fantasy)
  • White Rabit (Wonderland)-Ninja (Final Fantasy)



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