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OK first, the Way With Worlds book is through it’s second edit.  Done.  It goes out to pre-readers tomorrow, and in general I plan not to think about it for about two months.  I need a break.

My impression is that this version is a heck of a lot better.  Tighter, smarter, a bit less overblown, something you can read and reread as you want.  After pre-readers and my editor go through it it’s definitely going to be worth your time.

Also if you want to be a pre-reader, well, contact me . . .

Now, that leads on to the Plot Twist generator!  I’m going to make one more big stab at it and call it a go.  I think one more push is what I need – and like the Writing Prompt generator it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be enough to really help people.

Then after that a break and something fun, and possibly very, very silly.  The idea I’m kicking around is not just a fun and silly generator, but documenting it.

Finally, I added a link to my Newsletter in the menu.  That’s a place to go to get updates and insights on my projects, here and elsewhere.

OK, long day, lots of editing done, time to rest . . .

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