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First of all I’m pleased to say the Plot Twist Generator is clearly in Beta.  In fact, after a few more additions, it’s farther along than I expected.  I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s pretty decent.  I’ll probably give it one more stab, check the feedback, expand some of the data, then call it done for now.

Then a break before I do something damned silly.  And yes, I have a generator in mind, with a few extras . . .

Next, the Way With Worlds book should go to pre-readers next week.  I got a bit behind due to work, so I’m making a serious, insane effort to finish editing round 2.  I really want to get this right for all of my readers.  I’m also letting the pre-readers sit on it for two months so they can take their time.

That’s it here.  Be sure to check Scott’s latest as he’s delving deep into great stuff on remakes, and let us know how you’re doing in the comments!

– Steve

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