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Had a lot of crazy times lately, so I’m a bit behind – new roommate moving in, new roomdog moving in, family visiting, work, etc.

Plot Twist Generator

The Plot Twist Generator definitely is behind after the busy week and weekend and I plan to return to it.  It’s pretty straightforward actually, almost refreshing – less crazy-making than the Writing Prompt Generator.

It also makes me think about how many plot twists are almost archetypical – a mix of trope and mythical.  Some we take for granted yet we also joke about ones similarly repeated.  Part of what I’m trying to do is take some basic twists and tropes and shake them up – the villain is always the hero’s father, why can’t (s)he be their uncle or grandmother?

Way With Worlds

The book is roughly formatted, and I’ve done some editing – and then just decided to switch over to the old print-and-edit method.  It’s not like it’s not done, it’s just that the book needs to be edited.  So I’ve got piles of papers marked up so I can start entering changes.  A few sections are probably getting extensive rewrites.

I also am debating splitting it into two, but right now just can’t bring myself to do it – it’s roughly a mix of direct advice and worldbuilding approach and philosophy so I could split it but it just doesn’t seem right.

Oh, and I’ve got some lighter sequels/spinoffs/extras in mind, but you won’t see that until it’s out . . .

On that note, I probably will write out more things next year because, simply, I want to preserve more of my theories and knowledge.  Hey, I’m not young here . . . oh, and there may be a book on creativity and brainstorming coming even sooner . . .

The Informotron

I’m merging my work at MuseHack into my press site, The Informotron!  There you’ll get both my published writing, free stuff, and blog entries and speculations.  It’ll probably double up with some of my work at Seventh Sanctum, but will be mostly original stuff – and I plan to package up and make a lot of my past writing more accessible.

You know when I get time . . .

– Steven Savage

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