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Well been awhile, so here’s where we are!

Plot Twist Generator

After examining the options, I’m going to go straightforward randomization – putting together, iterating, and/or extending common elements.  So you’ll have twists like “The villain is the protagonist’s mother” or “The villain is the protagonist’s mother, and has a deadly disease” and so on.  I could try and provide various boundaries and options, but it’s just going to lower the level of detail and potential, so why not go a little broad?

Now I’ve got to start on it, but it feels comforting to have a focus.

Other Generators

I need to get to that one, but I’m kicking one around inspired by a particular TV show.  Darn it.

Way With Worlds Book

Editing this now.  It’s going pretty smoothly, but I need about 2-3 edit runs to make it ready for “real editing.” The book itself promises to be 450 or so pages long, so this is a lot of work, probably easily 3+ months before I get it into enough shape I want someone else to go over it.  So I think it’s very likely we won’t see it until 2016.

However, I think the edit of the . . . uh . . . . rewrite . . . is going to make the book much better.  I can tone up or streamline language, expand information, make things clearer, and make it flow better.  The new chapter structure breaks the columns into logical subsections that really add consistency to the lessons.

Sailor Moon Book

On top of all of this, I am writing a book on Sailor Moon fandom with a co-author and friend.  You can find more here at my personal blog.  This one has no exact deadline, but it’s probably a year away from completion, more of a long-term project.

More Columns

Working to bring another column here to the Codex.  Stay tuned . . .


– Steven Savage

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