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Well it’s finished, the Magic Power Generator!  I got inspired my the more “yell and use” magic of anime and video games, and this is an idea I’ve kicked around since the Magic Guild Generator and analyzed some of the Fairy Tail universe.

Beyond making appropriately magical-sounding powers, I also got to try out some new ways to organize data so it makes alliterated, artistic-sounding powers – like ‘Negative Nightmare Negation Necromancy’ or ‘Raiser Runecraft.’  It was pretty educational, and I figured out a few techniques to organize and sort data more efficiently and in ways to let me get it more poetic.  I’m sure those lessons will be used in the future.

Here’s some regular ones:

  • Ifrit Trance
  • Gas Negation Invocation
  • Forgotten Diamond Benediction
  • Legendary Wind Magic
  • Telekinesis Liberator Jinx
  • Secret Yeti Jailer Magic
  • Litch Spiritualism
  • Hydra Executioner Magic
  • Inescapable Undead Glamour
  • Evil Wind Potions

And some ‘artistic’ ones:

  • Earthquake Exorcism
  • Obliteration Occultism
  • Earth Executioner Exorcism
  • Nightmare Negator Necromancy
  • Hurricane Hermeticism
  • Assistance Abjuration
  • Ancestral Acid Alteration
  • Purple Poltergeist Prayer
  • Negative Nereid Necromancy
  • Press Prayer

Beyond that writing Way With Worlds as I count down to finishing what I wanted to cover – and debating what else to write here when that’s done.  If there’s anything you’d like to see me cover, let me know – I love to write so am always open to hear what directions help people!

Finally my friend Ewen has created this book of random tables that I’m sure any Sanctumite will want to see.  And, yes, he’s encouraging me to do my own . . .

Oh and yes, considering the Plot Twist generator now.  Might be fun to do over the summer . . .

– Steven Savage

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