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And my first generator in awhile is up – the Undead Generator!  I wanted something to jumpstart me a bit, and then I saw a review for the game Cave Evil, which has an amazing “death metal” design and plenty of undead.  That made me think about the various undead in other games and their unique natures compared to garden-variety monsters.  I got inspired to make an undead generator and make monsters a bit more metal . . . and disgusting and rotting.

So you can get monsters like:

  • Consuming Ripper of The Sands
  • Doomed Slayer
  • Dread Shambler
  • Enchantment Wraith
  • Exhumed Warrior
  • Festering Grinder of the East
  • Ghoul of Hell
  • Hellish Festering Lasher
  • Interred Homonculus of The Ocean
  • Resurrector of the West
  • Rogue Phantom of The Sky
  • Rotting Atrocity
  • Vampire Atrocity of Stone
  • Wind Poltergeist
  • Wraith Rock Rakshasa

I consider this a first release – it probably needs a bit of tweaking from feedback (some of the elaborate names seem overly elaborate).  Overall I’m quite pleased, because it’s “on” quite a bit – and when it’s on, it’s really on (Hellish Festering Lasher is an extremely ‘metal’ monster name.)

What was interesting with this generator is that it was reminiscent of others I’ve done.  “Themed” generators often have a mix of words that fit the theme and that are general.  Thus you could have a Rotten Shambler (suggesting undeadness) but a Rock Shambler has no “undeadness” – but a “Rock Ghast” does sound udead.  So getting this to work was a case of mixing words that suggest undeadness and general words to suggest creatures and beings.

OK folks, go to it, and let me know what you think!


– Steven Savage

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