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And hello to everyone!  What’s up at the sanctum?

As mentioned since the Magic Power Generator keeps getting bloody interrupted, I wanted to do a jumpstarter or two (and honestly, I want to finish that one).  My latest is an Undead Generator inspired by Cave Evil.  I wanted something to make various horrific creations in the usual undead vein, which often seem to have reasonably specific patterns. Here’s a few of the results:

  • Wraith of Rot
  • Bloated Coffin Warrior
  • Rotten Dragon of The Depths
  • Wraith Flayer
  • Blasphemous Crypt Render
  • Eternal Crypt Dragon
  • Icy Bone Mage
  • Monstrous Ghost Wyvern
  • Zombie of Tombs
  • Stone Ghoul of the North

I hope to have this one done relatively soon – the structure is there, I just have to tweak probabilities and flesh out the database.

– Steven Savage

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