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Merry Christmas Everyone!  And for Christmas let me give everyone the Fantasy Metal Generator!

This interrupted the Magical Power Generator and was inspired by the Rougelike game Dungeonmans, which beyond being a fantastic comedy/adventure/roguelike/persistent world game, also has some dynamite (and funny) sounding items and components that made me think “hey, fantasy often has strange metals.”  So in turn, I made a generator for them.  Here’s some samples:

  • Demons’ Timemetal
  • Dream Glittermercury
  • Dream Mithril
  • Evil Shadowiron
  • Fatal Dream Mithril
  • Flaming Bronze
  • Ghostly Ice Copper
  • Glitterhammer Adamant Of The Past
  • Meteoric Orichalcum
  • Night Platinum
  • Night Windhell Orichalcum
  • Phantasmal Windgold Of Arch-angels
  • Rottin
  • Sand Bronze Of Wizards
  • Sapphireshadow Adamant
  • Secret Orichalcum
  • True Adamant Of The Dawn
  • Unknowable Rockiron Of The Rivers
  • Wordsilver Of The Swamps
  • Zephyrlead

This puts me in mind of a game of fantasy weapon making where the minerals you mine are procedurally generatred.  So you make weapons and equipment out of randomized minerals with different properties, and if there’s one you like you can keep trying to mine it or get ahold of it.
– Steven Savage

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