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And hello everyone.  In fact, let me get this out of the way . .

HELLO NANOWRIMO WRITERS!  Generators are there.  Please enjoy, and if you’re stuck, try the new Writing Prompt Generator.  Daily prompts are posted to the tumblr.

Actually the NaNo numbers have been weird.  Normally I don’t see a NaNo surge (yes, unbelievable, but I think that’s mostly as people gear up for NaNo a bit early), but this year I had some pretty notable traffic spikes.  Hope it’s helped all of you out.  Hmmm, maybe next year we should have a space to discuss this on Facebook or something?

My attempts to build a dev setup on my laptop have gone poorly as I got distracted and busy, so I hope to get that in order so I can do a bit more coding.  Right now I’m torn between one of the requests (A Plot Twist Generator) and two others based on magic in anime (those sorcery-meets-anime power type abilities) and a different kind of dragon generator inspired by more “Elemental” dragons.  The Plot Twist generator is intriguing, but it’d probably be like the writing prompt generator – a long-term project that I need feedback on, and that sucker was exhausting.

I interview authors and artists at MuseHack, so I’m actually going to start reposting them here to give everyone more advice.  That’ll be a week later after the posts go up there.

So let me know gang- how’s your NaNo going?


– Steven Savage

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