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Well first of all, no updates for awhile.  I’d like to have a great explanation or something, but really I had a tooth out and was doped up on a bunch of stuff.  Nothing critical, just an old root canal that had gone bad, but not a fun experience.  Fortunately my dentist (who is awesome) sent me to an equally awesome endodontist who did a great job, I’m healing fine – and she grows her own fruit and gave me fresh lemons.  I made a bunch of hummus and such using it, which was perfect to eat after having a tooth out.

So what’s up?

Well, we’ve got another column series starting, I won’t spoil it, but we’re going to involve a rather imaginative person I met focusing on things he likes to ponder and to get you thinking!

I have started work on the Writing Prompt generator and have a few notes.  It’s going to be challenging so I’m thinking of releasing it in beta or even alpha to get feedback on it.  Right now I’m working on making it a mix of prompt/opening line to keep imaginations flowing.

As you noticed we changed the look a bit – the Crossroads Alpha control bar is gone and the Badge is in as we’ve added a lot of new sites!  If you want to team up to share content and people and more, let me know!

– Steven Savage


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