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Hey gang, I’m always ready to help out fellow writers, and Chris over at Ennead Games is looking for people for his site! ┬áLet’s see what he has to say!


The blog/site has been going along a while now, but it’s time to take things up a notch or two. But we need your help. Our design monkeys can only work so much before they start throwing their food everywhere and getting upset. Then things get messy.

What is needed

Resources for rpg gaming and storytelling. It can be anything, from a NPC background, to contents for a generator, to maps for handouts, for any game or genre – just nothing of an adult nature. The best thing to do is to send a short proposal to EG first. You’ll either be told yes (in which case send it in ASAP) – or no (and given a reason – it might just simply be that someone else has allready sent in that idea). Shorter smaller items are prefered. If it’s long, then splitting it into parts is encouraged.

We don’t offer compensation for contributions, but if you have your own site then a link to yours will gladly be displayed. You retain the rights to your work, but grant Ennead Games the unlimited, non-exclusive right to post your resource here forever. By submitting an resource proposal, you grant Ennead Games the unlimited, non-exclusive right to publish your contribution on in perpetuity. That means you can post or otherwise use your work elsewhere, but we can keep it posted on the site forever.


Go on over and give Chris a ping!


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