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First of all, I’m here – though work, allergies, and a cold hit me really, really hard.  It has been a crazy few weeks.

So, first of all, you’ve seen we’ve got a new writer, who is quite promising – in fact I’m already seeing about sharing him with Ongoing Worlds.  We always have room for more!

Secondly, the generators are definitely behind.  I hope to have more time starting next month, but that is the way it goes.  Fortunately I have some light ones in various states, so I may apply those.  But frankly, the last few weeks were not kind and I had to prioritize.  Let’s just say two of the ideas are inspired by “Guardians of the Galaxy” and I’ll let you panic over that.

Way With Worlds on the other hand is my big focus as it’s just pouring itself onto posts.  THis is a blast and I’m actually starting to write it in chunks – I learned a lot in 15 years and it’s fun sharing it.

Now at some point it may end – I figure if nothing else I’ll have dumped it out of my brain, or may take it to a Q&A column or something.  But that’s . . . probably a year away, give or take.

As noted, and I will repeat this to be honest, I will probably bundle the final columns up into a book and do a final edit/rewrite/addition/improvement.  Because I know there are folks that read and reread them and printed them out.  I’d like to leave something “offical,” organized, printed, and with a cool cover!

OK that’s it for now.  I’m gonna relax, maybe slam some allergy meds, and get back to it . .

– Steven Savage



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