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Whew, sorry for the slow update.  Got over my illness, but still had a busy week.  So what’s up?

The Magical Guild Generator is done, and you can use it here.

For those of you not familiar with what inspired it, “Fairy Tail,” it’s an anime I’ve seen that a Sanctum user mentioned – specifically they wanted names of Guilds for wizards based on the series.  In general I think a “band of magical people” generator is a good idea, so I decided to make a Guild generator for Wizards, but also generalize it a bit more to have a diverse set of naming patters.

The end result?  I’d say pretty good.  The names are usable in the majority of cases, and sometimes it gets really inspired stuff.  I think I managed to use both the source material well and make a general generator.

There were also a few insights into language in this case – and for you language buffs, they were:

  1. That many names do have a kind of alternating generic/specific pattern – something I explored before, but see prominently here.A guild named Witch Spell or Triton Potion would sound almost “too magical” but something named Witch Gear, Triton Gate, Wolf Spell, or Raven Potion sound find.  “Contextual” language is something for me to explore further.
  2. Some terms for people – Queen, Watchman, etc. also act as descriptors/definers, and not just as titles.  Thus you may have a guild like King Triton.
  3. I never realized how many names for groups there are – and how important it is to realize some groups are defined by using their number as part of their name.  I mean, there was the Jackson Five – not a guild of magicians by the way – and I believe some Sentai team names had their number as part of their title.  In fact that was part of my Sentai team namer, and again I see now how this is a pattern.

Now that you can go churn out Wizard guilds to your heart’s content, what’s next?  Well I still have the list of what people requested, and a few personal things I want to try.  But with skills re-primed, I think I want to do one of the writing-related requests, like plot twists or writing prompts.

Now I’m formatting a book – and of course always working on Way With Worlds, so as usual there’s no date.  But I admit I’ve got some ideas . . .

– Steven Savage




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