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OK gang, I went through the recent poll and got an idea of what people want. Thanks for participating!

Now where do we stand:

What do people want in the codex:

The first thing people wanted was crazy, funny, and weird stuff to inspire them. That I didn’t expect (I expected more practical column requests), but then I realized hey, generator site. Maybe someone out there wants to regularly collect and share crazy links since I’m busy.

Yes, that’s a hint.

Columns on writing came in next, which makes sense.  A lot of you are writers.

Things got a little less focused after that, though folks did like Worldbuilding and useful resources. I was surprised there was less interest in artistic advice, but I think our response demographic was writing heavy (see below)

So now when I go to those people who volunteered to write, I have some idea of what to look for. Speaking of . . .

What can people write in the codex?

We had plenty of people wanting to give advice on writing – but then it kind of split up among various categories, from games to art to resource gathering. I’ll be contacting these brave volunteers to see what they’d like to do.

By the way, we had EIGHTEEN of you respond that they might be interested in contributing! I’ll be in touch with you this week!

One warning – TWO of you gave me the wrong emails.  So if you didn’t hear from me yet . . . write me.

What do people want in generators.

Well the short answer, is “most everything” but it seems that settings, names, and characters stand out, along with beings and writing advice. In short people, where they are, and how to write about them.

Now among the specifics people had:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Alien Worlds
  • Animals
  • Biomes
  • Cities
  • Civilizations
  • Clothing/Fashions (which came more than once)
  • Combo generators to tie my other generators together (something I can do but I’m not up for it yet)
  • Detailed magic artifacts
  • Disease Cures
  • Gangster groups
  • Lots of name generators
  • Magic Guilds
  • More descriptors
  • Planets
  • Plot Twists
  • Prophecies and/or quests.
  • Secret projects
  • Specific plot generators
  • Story Arcs (that’s intriguing)
  • Themed names
  • Trope mixers
  • Writing prompts

So yeah, plenty of ideas. I addition I have one generator in the works (from that list, actually) and one possible on that’s related. More to come – and no I’m not telling you!

However one thing I took away is that when it comes to writers, more is better and there’s more I can do. I always figured it was best to do setting stuff and some basic plots, but maybe I can do more.

The only issue is that I have to get “inspired” to do a generator, so I’ll need to see what mojo gets fired up by the list. But now I have a list to get fired up with . . .


OK gang, thanks for the feedback. Now that the site is rewritten, has a content section, is part of an alliance, and is on the new host maybe I can do more generators. They’re fun so I can really build them as a way to relax as well . . .

– Steven Savage

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