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Hey gang, it’s another update.  Two actually

Crossroads Alpha

The short form is that a group of friends and I decided to work together as an alliance of sites, Crossroads Alpha.  The idea is to pool talent and knowledge, network sites, and work together in a way that compliments each other.  Seventh Sanctum is part of it because it provides creative tools and encourages creativity.

The long form?

Two friends and I had been discussing how we could work together to support each other.  Each of us had our own sphere (comics, games, creativity and careers), and so on.  Also we’d each known the challenges of working on a website and realized having people to work with is a great idea – the rewrite of Seventh Sanctum really only originated from bouncing ideas off of friends and getting their advice.  Our sites are independent, but cooperating.

So the idea is that we’d ally together, build a name for the alliance, and cooperate.  The Affiliate Bar at the top is how we link together beyond sharing talent, advice, and support.  It also gives us room to introduce others we know that have their own unique sites and visions into the alliance.

In the case of Seventh Sanctum, it provides a site that focuses on utility and tools, assisting creativity.   That’s a great compliment to sites based on media like comics and games.

On the flipside, I’m interested in sites for Sanctumites that will help them with using their creativity.  Yeah I have MuseHack, but working with a comics and a game site gives people here access to  sites that may help them use their skills – so as you can guess one of my big hopes is we find people who have writing and art sites . . .

So that’s it.  Me and my crew are working together and helping each other out and hopefully find other ways to do do some neat stuff.

The Poll

The poll is closed – and it was very helpful!  I’ve still got to analyze all the results, but I’ve got some general ideas, have already started a new generator, and have people interested in writing for the codex!

There’s actually a lot I didn’t expect about what people wanted or needed, so it’s going to be very helpful – and there’s a few things I never thought of or had considered ages ago and then forgot, such as a planet generator (yeah, I know, duh) or a fashion generator.  It gives me some good things to go on in the future.

There is also a new generator in the works, mostly based on one person’s suggestion that just got me going “hey . . .” so we’ll see.  Making these things is always easier when something fires off my imagination.

– Steven Savage


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