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And I’m back!  Crazy holiday, plenty of fun, busy returning to work, you know the story.  So where are we now?

Well first, the poll thing is definitely working out for the site, so I have a poll up asking people what they’d like to see in 2014 and how they’d like to participate.

Yep, participate.  The Codex isn’t just going to be me posting, I’d like to get other folks involved to share advice, ideas, reviews, and more.  It’s not only fun, it can be a great creativity, career, and community boost as well.  So let me know if you’d like to jump on board the crazy train of Seventh Sanctum!

I got a little exhausted with the last generator (which was really informative), so I’m picking my next one carefully.  That’s ALSO in the poll, and I think I want to add some regularity to generator development and updating, but I’m still getting a framework around it because it’s a pretty creative endeavor that doesn’t sit well on a schedule (yet).  This quarter also promises to be a bit busy as my next book is coming out, so I’m pacing myself.

We’ll also have some other interesting event in the next week or two (no, it’s NOT new contests) so stay tuned . . .

– Steven Savage

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