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Thanks for the feedback people sent in – and it turns out a few genertors DID have a formatting bug.  Any generator with a single dropdown-box control was apparently prone to a formatting malfunction.  I think I’ve corrected it at this time.  Be sure to take a look at the beta site,

So now the next question is when to launch and I’m targeting November.  I just have to figure out when because things are a bit busy – and the holiday season makes it both easier and harder to do.

Now with this out of the way – unless someone finds anything else (do let me know) – my next concern more before/in the new year will be a community.  Disqus is fun and all for one-offs, but right now I’m debating a mailing list, a message board, and which I saw at Trilobyte studios.  The Disqus comments are nice, but also have their issues and aren’t as intimate (I’m not planning to get rid of them).

Oh and new generators?  Yeah, I seriously have to revive some of my ideas it’s been ages since I did one – and the new framework makes them easier to do – and easier since I just reviewed a lot of code.

So thanks to everyone for the feedback and help.

– Steven Savage

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