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Pirating Physical Goods
Pirate Bay has added designs to print on 3D printers to its line up. The first "physible" downloaded in Canada was a model of the Pirate Bay logo. The cost to take the plans and turn it into a physical object was $100. Expect a change in how stores operate in the future as the Star Trek replicator starts becoming feasable as a household appliance.

Facebook Hiring
With its IPO, Facebook is hiring more coders. Apparently, the company read Steve's column today and turned the search over to the Engineering department, who set up challenges for potential hires. The brain teasers include creating anagrams from alphabet soup. Three more rounds are expected before the finals, with Facebook looking to hire from the competing talent along the way.

Arrested Development Revival
More of a Lost in Translation news point than anything else, the show Arrested Development is being revived thanks to success through Netflix. The episodes will be full 22-23 minutes. As pointed out by Serdar last week and in the comments of the post, we're seeing ways around the traditional Hollywood studio system.

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