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The expected has happened; and social media infiltrates dating.

Facebook has confirmed the rumours about the IPO. Mark Zuckerberg is considering selling some of his shares during the process. Now that the IPO is official, we can start watching the value of FB.

Sex and the Smartphone surveyed smartphone users about their dating and sex life. Android users tend to have sex on the first date, have one-night stands, and be active on web dating sites. Now to figure out the why of this data.

Long Distance Kissing
For those who need a good night kiss even while separated by distance, the robot messenger is a dream come true. The Lovotics robots are equipped with a touch-sensitive pair of lips. Alone? With the help of an AI, you can kiss a virtual partner. One part cute, one part creepy…

Server Farms to Get More Environmentally Friendly
Intel, Samsung, and startup SeaMicro are working to make servers more energy efficient. As cloud computing becomes more popular, more and more servers are required. The traditional server, though, consumes both space and energy. The team-up will be working to reduce the size by a third and power consumption by half.

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