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Bilingual URLs
Canadian domain names will soon be allowed to use accents. The move by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) will allow French websites to use the proper accents in their URLs. This won't be a problem for Canadian users – bilingual keyboards are available and are in use in the Federal government.

Truth in Advertising vs Freedom of Speech
File this under A for Audacious. Rogers, the cable company cum wireless provider, has asked the Ontario courts to strike down the requirement that a company needs to have "adequate and proper" tests of a product before making claims about that product. The company claims that the wording violates its freedom of expression. The court case, expected to start in June, is the latest in the company's battle against the Competition Bureau, which started in 2010 when the Bureay levied a Cdn$10 million against Rogers for misleading advertising. This could be Canada's /Citizens United/, a case in the US that ruled that corporations are people.

Canadian Small ISPs to Get New Wholesale Rates
Starting February 1, small ISPs in Canada are getting new wholesale rates. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissionm (CRTC) enacted new rules last year on how the larger service providers charge independant ISPs for service. The larger providers, including Bell and Rogers, were given a choice – flat rate per user or a specific capacity. Teksavvy, one of the small ISPs, expects to have to raise its rates as a result. The move starts to level the playing field, but still gives a lot of control to the majors.

Online Econmy Expected to Double by 2016
Boston Consulting Group released a report at the Davos, Switzerland G20 summit saying that amount of online business is expected to double by 2016. An online presence will be almost mandatory by then, even if no online sales are done.

Someone Has Confidence in RIM
Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd, has doubled their investment in Research In Motion. The company now owns over 5% of shares of RIM. Could this help or hinder RIM?

Siri Has Competition
Apple's Siri now has a competitor, Evi. Evi, created by True Knowledge in the UK, can also respond to verbal questions. Unlike Siri, Evi is available on both iPhones and Android devices. Someone really should put them in a debate with each other.

Facebook Suing Spammer
Facebook and Washington State have filed suit on Ascend Media for "clickjacking". "Clickjacking" gets people to like a site, which then gets posted through their Facebook accounts and spreads. Ascend Media has taken in US$1.2 million a month gross.

Excerpt of Book about Chinese Internet Censorship
Rebecca MacKinnon has written a book about how the Chinese government censors the Internet in the country. The excerpt mentions the "China Internet Self-Discipline Award", given out to people who foster "harmonious and healthy Internet development". When a government starts using words featured in The Prisoner (ie, "harmonious"), something has gone horribly wrong.

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