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Netflix Streaming
Netflix streamed over 2 billion hours of content in the last quarter of 2011. In Canada, though, this has led to subscribers being dinged for going over bandwidth caps, a controversial (to be nice about it) way major ISPs like Rogers use to get more money out of users.

Smartphone Help After Disasters
A team of British computer scientists has developed software to help in the aftermath of natural disasters. The software, which can be deployed by rescue workers, can locate missing persons by tracing GPS signals and help direct people with smartphones to safety.

RIMpocalypse Continues
RIM has slashed prices on Playbooks. US prices are now $299 for each of the three models while Canadian prices are $199, $249, and $399 (for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, respectively). This looks more like an attempt to clear out backstock than anything else at the moment.

Yahoo! Gets New CEO
Yahoo has hired Scott Thompson, former CIO of PayPal, as its new CEO.  Given that Thompson is a technology person, not a slash-and-burn-style CEO that sells off chunks of companies, Yahoo! may be trying to leverage itself back into being a mover in the online world.

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