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The New York Times sent out over eight million emails offering a special deal to people cancelling subscriptions. The emails were only supposed to go to 300 former subscribers. People are still sensitive about receiving junk email. Corporations should be careful with how they manage email addresses they collect or just drop them if they're not current or very recent subscribers. Spam can and has gotten businesses, small and large, fly-by-night and legit, on to spam blocklists.

Expanding 3D Technology
Motion capture is heading into a new field – medicine. Through the use of motion capture and analyzing a runner's gate, potential injuries can be located and corrected. It's one way of using existing technologies in a creative way. It may also be the start of a new trend – instead of military applications driving advances, entertainment may be the motivator behind new technologies.

Canadian Press Agrees With FanToPro!
The Canadian Press, a Canadian news agency, released its predictions for trends in the New Year. Among its predictions are more mobile commerce through smartphones and tablets, and more viewing television over the Web. You know, things that FanToPro has been seeing grow this past year already.

Question Period? There's an App for That
The British government is considering an iPad app for the Prime Minister to deliver information to his tablet. 10 Downing Street didn't comment further. However, fellow geeks, there's room for personalized apps on iDevices. Get to it! 😀

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