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RIMpocalypse Update
Research in Motion's revenues are still falling. The lowered levels are blamed on poor sales of the Playbook and on an aging line of smartphones.

Smartphone, Smart Shoppers?
The use of smartphones by shoppers to do product research, price comparisons, and online sales are changing the retail landscape. It might not just be bookstores that will feel the crunch of online shopping.

Triple X'ed
A grab of domain names in the new .xxx TLD came from business and others trying to secure their names away from potential porn sites. Among those trying to prevent a tarnishing of their images include universities, Scouting, galleries, and multinational corporations. PETA has also snapped up their .xxx domain, but, well, given how they've advertised in the past, they probably want to put their purchase to use.

Another Steve Jobs Book to Come Out
The Zen of Steve Jobs by Caleb Melby will be a released as a graphic novel, focusing on when Jobs left Apple to found NeXT. It's a different way to produce a biography. Forbes has a four-page preview.

Google Buzz Gone
Alas, no link. Google did warn, but as of December 14 at 6pm EST (at least locally), Buzz was removed from Gmail. I already miss it.  

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