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Online Freedom
India is the latest country asking social networks, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to remove offensive material. In this case, India is making the request to avoid having tensions stirred up as a result of controversial and offensive content. This will be a social issue that keeps popping up, sometimes in unexpected places.

Privacy Matters
Canada's privacy commissioner has said that consumers should always be able to opt out of tracking. There could be work in the future, either in writing a browser add-on that prevents data being tracked/forwarded or in showing the data being tracked. This may mean that companies like CarrierIQ will have to be careful of what data they track.

The Red Light (Web)District
The new .xxx domains are available. Filter writers now have a new spam detector, just like when .biz and .info came out. It's not going to make a difference; porn sites will just add the .xxx version of their web addresses along with the .com.

The Internet is for Reading
Author Margaret Atwood argues that the Internet, especially social media like Twitter, encourages reading and writing. While Twitter has a hard limit on total characters, other forms of social media (such as blogging ^.-) allows for a more unlimited span. The only way to improve reading is to read; and, the only way to improve writing is to write.  And, well, you're reading this, right?

One-off App Becomes Hit
Autodsesk's Sketchbook app for iPhone and iPad has become a huge hit. While the income is a small percentage of the company's overall business, the apps have added more customers than ever. The lesson here is that a one-off could become a great way to introduce people to your product line.

Microsoft Steps Up
The App Wars are about to heat up. Microsoft is offering developers a larger piece of the pie in revenue for apps for smartphones and tablets. If a Windows app's revenue breaks $25 000, MS is offering 80% of the revenue, ahead of Apple's 70%.

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