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I don't really follow sports except during the playoffs if the Habs are there, though a baseball game's a great way to spend the afternoon.

I may not keep up on mainstream gossip on what Britney, Lindsay, or J-Lo are doing, though I'm sure they're nice once you get to know them.

I may not like current music or going out to crowded bars, but I do get together with friends.

Sometimes we watch anime or discuss the relevance of the plot twists in Doctor Who.

Sometimes, we just sit around the table and pretend to be someone else in an imaginary land.

I watch DVDs with the commentary on so I can appreciate the movie on multiple levels.

I can quote Star Trek, Star Wars, and Samurai Pizza Cats at the drop of a hat.

I participate on blogs and fora to explain my point of view and read responses to understand the world better.

I can strip down and rebuild a computer from the motherboard up with only one screw left over.

I can repair a printer with nothing but a Swiss army knife.

And, sometimes, I will write a parody of a popular beer ad just to say who I am.

My name is Scott,
and I am a geek!

Thank you. 🙂

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