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Well, what’s up?

  • First you probably saw the Action Animal Generator.  That’s a way to keep my mojo going as I cope with rounds of business, illness, work, etc.  Q1 was not the calmest quarter.  Also this was fun -and there’s a kinda-related-inspired generator I want to do that is more useful.  I think I think I will have to block out time to do those more complex writing generators I wanted though.  Then again this quarter really ambushed me.
  • One of the reasons I was so busy was . . . a rewrite of my first book!  Now there’s Fan To Pro’s Second Edition.  I updated my career guide with lots of new information, reorganized it, and more.  I learned a lot over the years and wanted to get that done – and that also was a larger drain on my time than expected – especially formatting.  If you do a print book self-published, get ready to spend time or money to format it right . . . (If you want any advice, email me).
  • I haven’t sensed a lot of enthusiasm for the mailing list so I left that by the wayside for awhile, but am considering it and other social options.  Also, again, being darned busy.
  • We’ve got more posts coming from me and Solar Scortch, and I’ll be diving deep into religious worldbuilding!

– Steven Savage

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