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So what’s currently in the works generator-wise?  Well one of the requests was for a Magic Guild generator, specifically a request for guilds like the anime Fairy Tail (which is a show best summed up as “World Wrestling Federation writes Harry Potter”).  The guilds have some pretty colorful names like Grimoire Heart and Blue Pegasus, so a little tweaking of the core patterns let me great a good Magic Guild generator with plenty of detail.  here’s a beta run:

  • Ape Rune Sect
  • Ascended Satyr Crew
  • Conjuring Blade Unit
  • Cyclops Tooth Two-hundred
  • Dog Codex Guild
  • Dragon Light Guild
  • Elemental Vault Guild
  • Forgotten Ghost Guild
  • Medic Harpy Guild
  • Necromantic Hand Gang
  • Nymph Staff Guild
  • Platinum Djinn Family
  • Purple Grave Cult
  • Rune Mouth Guild
  • Scholar Totem Band
  • Smith Ogre Assembly
  • Sorcerous Eye Eight
  • Staff Hand Guild
  • The Banshee League
  • The Potion Cult

So, in the future we could see the Purple Grave Cult take on the Dragon Light Guild in a smackdown of epic proportions!

– Steven Savage

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