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Over at Crossroads Alpha, the gang has started doing a regular podcast.  It’s a “deep dive” on various subjects.  In this case the first episode is about Auterism and Individual Vision.  I’m biased, but I was pretty happy with the depth of conversation, from Wendy And Richard Pini to great Japanese Directors, to David Lynch.

First go on over and get it at iTunes!

You can find us at Talkshoe!

There’s also an RSS feed!


– Steven Savage

Posted on by Mr. Steven Savage

Whew, last update on Crossroads Alpha here.  Busy week.

So I’ve been explaining how the different members of the Crossroads Alpha site alliance work together.  The final one in our list is another one I run, MuseHack.

MuseHack has a long and slightly weird history.  It was originally an idea for a book on people going fan to pro.  Then it became a site called Fan To Pro, which inspired my book Fan To Pro.  Then we realized we should broaden it out to cover more applied geekery – with a big focus on jobs and such but also community building, skill development, and so on.  So then it became MuseHack.

MuseHack focuses on using your hobbies, obsessions, and geekdom.  There’s a career column, a column on geek citizenship, a weekly examination of media adaptions and remakes, interviews, and more.  We’ve also got about five years of content from news, to writing columns, to predictions.  I even rerun Way With Worlds there.

With the Alliance, MuseHack provides our “applied” pillar, especially for careers.  For Sanctumites it’s a place to go and get – or contribute – professional advice or advice on ways to use hobbies.  For MuseHack it provides readers a place to go that’s fun and creative – Seventh Sanctum.  A pretty good pairing.

So that’s the roundup of Crossroads Alpha.  Well, until we add more sites . . .

– Steven Savage

Posted on by Steven Savage

OK, the roundup continues of the members of Crossroads Alpha, the Site Alliance.  In this case, let’s meet IndieHaven!

IndieHaven is a site managed by my friend Jose, who I met as part of a geek networking group that spawned out of a con meetup (I should revive that).  This guy is a professional journalist – paid to do this in an age where journalism is tight – and he does it as his hobby on games.  Guy is seriously hardcore.

IndieHaven is a great place as its an independent site on, of course, Indie Games.  For many members it’s even a kind of training ground, and Jose really knows what he’s doing.  I figure it’s a good pairing here as Sanctumites into games can access a unique site that also includes professional advice (and is always looking for writers), and IndieHaven’s creative types can come here.

Besides, procedural content is big these days, and I am ALL about procedural content.

So, go over, say hello, and enjoy!

– Steven Savage

Posted on by Steven Savage

So I promised I’d introduce everyone to the members of Crossroads Alpha, the site alliance the Sanctum is part of.  Let’s check out Comics Bulletin!

Comics Bulletin and I go back a ways – I used to do a column for them a few years ago on professional issues and comics.  I’ve known the founder, Jason, for even longer.  CB has maintained quality over the years, and has expanded into a lot of promising areas.  It’s a good site with a big base of people backing it.

In the case of Seventh Sanctum, I like it because it gives people here a reliable place to go for comics news, a place for hopeful writers here to write about the subject (I’ll introduce you), and articles that may be useful to hopeful comics professionals (I know you’re out there).

So enjoy, and get to know a member of the Alliance!

– Steven Savage

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