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And here it is,  Color Generator!  Thanks for all your feedback, this was a delightful one to make.  I learned a lot about language and mood and a sense of “being” in a sentence and these lessons will make me better at both generators but also as a writer.

So let’s get some examples!

  • Ichas – The red of a rose. Used for secret paintings.
  • Pantedsh – The supreme green. Those that see this color cannot forget it.
  • Paost – The purple of imaginary wine. Paintings using this color ward off jealousy.
  • Khang – The sickly yellow of hatred.
  • Buife – A light red. Paper of this color is something everyone knows how to make.
  • Cecymbir – A flamboyant green. The gemstones of this color are said to grant one intelligence.
  • Lotruin – A harsh purple. Tattoos of this color are associated with laziness – but only if concealed and only if worn on the left arm.
  • Sufofe – A sober blue. The color once associated with scientists.
  • Icasanget – The orange of ideal sunrises. Those that see this color will dream of what they saw.
  • Canturn – The yellow of gold that can only exist in the future. Those that see this color see other worlds.

So there you go!  Now let’s see what our infinite new spectrum brings . . .

– Steve

Posted on by Steven Savage

The Color Generator is in Beta and Seventh Sanctum!

This generator makes colors that aren’t or should be, are mysterious or otherworldly.  Inspired by the Neathbow of Fallen London as well as things like Octarine in Discworld, it’s a way to make colors that aren’t your standard spectrum – or lurk in between the colors we know.

A few examples:

  • Anihe – A deep blueish-green. Under light of this color mirrors show falsehoods.
  • Celvoweur – The penultimate orange. Under light of this color people have religious visions.
  • Cong – The purple of the early morning sky.
  • Brot – The green of half-forgotten grasslands.
  • Ilva – The iridescent red of curiosity.
  • Serneo – The green of leaves in legends.
  • Cheppan – The purple of bravery and of the early morning sky that you fear seeing.
  • Thue – A flamboyant orange. Under light of this color wounds heal.
  • Cephutem – The yellow of loyalty and of half-forgotten sunlight.
  • Auguahe – The muted yellow of loyalty.

The generator needs to be expanded – the names and basic shades are mostly done, but the descriptions and symbolism and effects need a lot more work.  So go on, take a look, leave feedback!

  • Steve

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