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(Originally posted at MuseHack.)

I met Alex Beecroft in doing research on writers and geek civics. Now we’ve probably seen all sorts of writing, but Alex puts herself in the middle of many genres – she does gay, historical, fantasy, romance, and mystery. She explores the edges, because thats where the stories often really are. (more…)

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(Originally posted at Muse Hack – sharing this one with people here!)

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Jay Hartlove at Con-Volution when we sat next to each other on the Worldbuilding And Religion Panel.  I was thrilled when Lillian Csernica re-introduced me so I can interview him – because this is a man that pushes himself.  Let’s meet Jay! (more…)

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(This interview also appeared at Muse Hack – and I think I’m going to resyndicate my interviews with creatives here because the Sanctumites could learn a lot too.  In this case ElizaBeth Gilligan gives us a huge lesson in authorship!)

I met ElizaBeth Gilligan at ConVolution. She’s got a series called “Gypsy Silk” published through DAW, with a third book coming. She’s also a writer of short stories, a journalist, and more.  So it’s time for us to get her secrets (and she managed to raise kids to boot). (more…)

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(Originally posted at Muse Hack, I thought you Sanctumites would enjoy it as well)

I met Lillian Csernica at Con-Volution. She’s a professional author who’s written short stories and even warmed my worldbuilding heart with a guide to making magic systems. Of course I’m going to interview here, she’s one of us. (more…)

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