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Hope everyone is doing well!  Here’s what’s up!

New Columnist/Old Columnist

Working out when we’ll bring over a new columnist – who’s really an old columnist for another site.  Look for something around August . . .

Plot Twist Generator

I’ve built the initial code for the Plot Twist Generator, and now I need to start populating it.  As noted I’m going to pretty much dive on in.

I figure this one will be one like last year’s Writing Prompt Generator where I just keep at it, make it public early, and take feedback.

Way With Worlds

Still editing the Way With Worlds book.  I expect to have the first editing run-through done around the start of August.

At that point, it does need a more structural review – does each section flow well, complete the goals, etc.  I was a bit concerned some things may need extensive reorganization, but so far (about 1/5 to 1/4 the way through) it seems decent.  I just made a lot of stylistic and flow choices based on subject matter not consistent style.  I need to review it as a whole.

After that?  Pre-readers.  Probably in October.  And yes, I’m lining them up.

Right now it’s still looking like it’ll be Spring for the release.

I do think the book presents a lot of value, and I’m really glad to have this “final,” more polished edition coming out for purchase.  I’d like to see more books done on worldbuilding.

That’s a hint, by the way . . .


– Steven Savage

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