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Posted on by Scott Delahunt

Welcome to Lost in Translation.  If you’ve followed along over at MuseHack, what follows will be familiar.  If Lost in Translation is brand new to you, again, welcome.

Adaptations, reboots, remakes, and spin-offs, all of them are fraught with risk.  The more popular an original work, the greater the risk in adapting.  Yet, these risks are often not apparent at first glance.  Many a movie adaptation has stumbled because the hidden risks weren’t taken into account.

Lost in Translation looks at these works, comparing them to the originals, and works out what went wrong and what went right.  It is said that you can learn from your mistakes, but you can also learn from someone else’s.  And even the worst adaptation can get something right.  Not every entry is a review; there are also analyses and essays that takes the lessons the reviews discover and applies them.

Please join me on Saturdays for Lost in Translation.  Steve has brought the entire series over from MuseHack, so they’re in the archives here at Seventh Sanctum,  This Saturday, I continue the History of Adaptations with the Eighties.

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